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Marquette, MI  –  March 10, 2017  –  This week on Time for Wisdom, we’ll explore how the concept of sanctuary cities comes straight from the Bible, though for quite a different reason than today.

We’ll also examine a tragic example how the pride and arrogance of one, cost the lives of thirty three aboard the ship El Faro, which means the Lighthouse.

Finally we’ll open God’s Word to the gospel of John, chapter four, and we’ll take a look at how Jesus sidestepped political and social correctness, in order to reach the heart of a woman whose personal life was kind of a mess. We’ll marvel how Jesus spoke the unvarnished truth to this woman while at the same time remaining kind and inspiring her to accept His gift of living water; the kind that bears fruit in peace, joy and love.

As always we’ll share some of Pastor Jeff’s music and the stories behind the songs. This week he performs “The Lighthouse” during the taping of the show.