Pastor Jeff and Pastor Tony Discussion the Tragedy in Las Vegas This Week on Time For Wisdom on Sunny.FM 101.9

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Time For Wisdom - Journey of Russ Murphy’s Life + Gospel Music

Time For Wisdom – Journey of Russ Murphy’s Life + Gospel Music

Marquette, MI  –  October 6, 2017  –  There are times when the purely evil, sadistic, degenerate, sub-human, vile, and vengeful actions of a depraved mind, literally take your breath away and leave you numb and in total shock! This week gave us one of those moments in Las Vegas. Discussions are filled with the question of why? Why did he do it?

A person who was within hearing distance of Stephen Paddock, during a gambling experience, recalled the mass murderer suddenly erupted with, “I want to kill my mother! I don’t know why she brought me into this world!”

Can society simply write this off as the actions of a mentally ill man? Or could there be something else at work? This week on Time For Wisdom, Pastor Jeff and Pastor Tony explore a story in the life of Jesus, recorded in the gospel of Mark, chapter 5 and in the gospel of Matthew, chapter 8, in which Jesus confronts a crazed man who had been so historically violent, no chain could hold him, nor could any man control him; until Jesus met him and set him free!

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