Pastor Jeff and Pastor Tony Talk About Controlling Life This Sunday from 11a – 12p on Time For Wisdom

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Time For Wisdom - Journey of Russ Murphy’s Life + Gospel Music

Time For Wisdom – Journey of Russ Murphy’s Life + Gospel Music

Marquette, MI  –  October 13, 2017  –  A number of years ago I had the privilege of backpacking along a very narrow trail above a beautiful river that was the setting for the Hollywood movie, “A River Runs Through It”. This week in Hollywood we were reminded once again, that a sewer runs through it.

How is it that the man, Harvey Weinstein, with a very beautiful wife and a very successful secular life, could so easily juggle with the dynamite that would guarantee to blow up his life? How could President Bill Clinton so publicly dishonor the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky? Or how could Anthony Weiner so easily send embarrassing pictures?

This week on Time For Wisdom, Pastor Jeff and Pastor Tony address the questions, “Who do you belong to? Is your life your own? Is your life in the loving, steadying hands of God, or is your life an out of control train wreck?”

All it takes it that first single step of obedience, that begins a new daily habit of handing over the keys of your life to Jesus! Listen to Time For Wisdom this week to find out why giving Jesus the keys to your life, is such a wise decision!

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