Announcing Movie Trivia Will Return To The Workday Wind Down Next Week!

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Carmike CinemaWith much excitement, I’m announcing that Carmike Cinemas Movie Trivia returns next week on Monday! I know it was a popular feature, because once I got interrogated about it once while getting teeth x-rays done  on me.

After a bit of time it’s back though, so fear no more!  The format for the moment will be the classic way of how the trivia was done: I play a movie clip and you have to name the movie from where the clip is from.  This will be during the 3pm hour and at the end of the hour I pull one of the names from the pile (or throw the pile maybe and catch one) and the name will be the winner.

Up for grabs is movie passes to the GKC Royal and Delft Cinemas in Marquette.   I’m honestly excited to start and I hope you enjoy the trivia as well!

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