The Joy Of Playing Music With People

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Myself rocking the bass a long time ago...

Myself rocking the bass a long time ago…

In the past few weeks I’ve gotten to experience more of a joy with music than I had.  I’ve always loved to play music with people, either in a band, or jamming or just by chance.  I haven’t had a chance to really play bass with people since I moved to Marquette (guitar is another story though) and I had been looking for a chance to.

A few weeks ago though I got to join a metal band on bass!  And after the first time playing I realized how much I actually missed carrying the low end for a band.

This week I’ve gotten to practice with many friends that I respect as musicians immensely and I’ve been in awe that I’m actually there, playing with them.  It’s that internal joy that really you only realize how important it was until it comes back.

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