Last Night’s Giveaway Party So Much Fun!

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My phone can only contain some of the spectacle last night.

My phone can only contain some of the spectacle from last night.

Last night was a great night out at the Country Lanes for our giveaway party!  It had to be the most fun I’ve had so far the parties I’ve been to.

I admit I was a little nervous when I saw how many people were coming into the room.  That soon faded away as I got to eat (I was hungry okay!?) and the fun started with everyone for the tosses.  Food and fun cures all, right?

The best part of the night was being to meet so many great people that call in from the movie trivia.  It was great not only to get to put a face to the name (and phone number!) but also just get to talk for a bit.  For me, that’s the best part about the event, getting to meet everyone.

Thanks so much!

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