Nothing Ever Wrong With A Good Roadtrip Over The Weekend

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A little tired this Monday afternoon, although the sun is always a nice wake up call, because this weekend I got to go on a small road-trip and play bass at The Crunchy Frog in Green Bay!

The set marked my first show in a bigger city in Wisconsin, and the first time playing out of the UP in quite some time.  It also marked my first time playing bass in the band I joined called Con:Sump:Tion.

I’m not much of a metal guy, so I had no idea how the place, the people, and the bands were going to be.  As I found out it was really great, all the people were extremely nice and the bands were really cool.  I tip my hat to The Crunchy Frog for having live bands playing!  That always makes me really happy.

Now for tonight!  I sleep…

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