Not Just Any Normal Monday, Gotta Have A Road Trip!

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All done for this car...THANKS CAR!

All done for this car…THANKS CAR!

Yesterday ended up being one of the more exciting Mondays for myself before I even go to work.  Sunday night I went out to visit at a friend’s house and he mentioned how he was interested in picking up a car near Iron Mountain, and I volunteered to be the other driver.  Oh boy…

Leaving in the morning, because I figured out the time I needed to get there, look at the car, and get back on time, everything seemed fine.  But alas not totally to be!

First we got a little lost trying to find the place.  Then other problems crept up.  But finally bought the car.  Driving my friend’s car though, I almost ran out of gas and the new car broke a belt.  Luckily the belt was a simple fix.  Let’s hope that’s the only craziness of the week!

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