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Marquette, MI –  Being a good little foodie I was instantly drawn to this alien looking fruit as it rested high on a shelf above the common oranges, grapefruit, bananas, and pineapples.  The Buddha’s Hand as I soon learned after reading the tag.  I hesitantly picked it up, I wasn’t sure what to expect and as I took in a deep breath trying to figure this bizarre food out I was met with a beautiful aroma.  Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Floral notes and a full nose of that citrus zip that screams ZEST ME!  I told my wife, “This is coming home with us!”  She wasn’t sold on the whole thing, but could see I was interested and let me put this weird fruit and it’s $6.99 price tag in the cart.

When we arrived at home, I rushed to unload the groceries so I could again smell this wonderful and foreign fruit.  I pulled out my phone and started doing research on how to use it and was a bit surprised that I just dropped 7 bucks on what is basically a lemon peel…  But it’s more than that.

You can trace the Buddha’s Hand back to the far east and regions of China.  Its uses range from a primitive potpourri to being candied and eaten or used to infuse alcohol or spirits.  Here are a few articles that I found that sum up what the Buddhas Hand is all about.

Wikipedia giving a great account to it’s history and uses

Here is 5 Things to Do with a Buddha’s Hand from

I chose to eat some of it raw to see what the fuss is all about… I’ve got to say it’s quite tasty but a little goes a long way, after all it is completely peel and pith.  I also added it to a cocktail and while I do admit that it was quite tasty, I don’t think it’s worth seven bucks.


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