Binge Watching Jessica Jones on Netflix While Sick

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Jessica Jones Marvel Comic a Netflix Original

Jessica Jones Marvel Comic a Netflix Original

Marquette, MI – Over the past weekend my wife and I were both sick. She barley made it to the couch on Saturday which left me running point watching our 2 month old son Rowan. Luckily he didn’t catch what we had which by the way included a fever, cough, aches, headache, and sinus congestion. While bouncing Rowan on my knee and trying to keep fluids in all three of us I needed something to keep me going. After just a few clicks, I found was Jessica Jones.

A Marvel character and someone new to my limited understanding of the world of heroes and super powers, I thought lets give it a go. Luckily there was only 1 season to get sucked into on the Netflix channel of our Roku. I spent all of Saturday lost in a world where super powers were a reality and it seemed that Jessica couldn’t resist seeing the bottom of another bourbon bottle… Being in the radio industry I could relate to the “Trish Talk” segments, although that’s not quite how it works. I’m still wondering… when am I going to get someone playing rock flute live in the Sunny Studio?

The show is full of satire and wit, yes it’s a little graphic and crude at times, but that’s all in a day for P.I. Jessica Jones and her crew of misfits. The first season reminded me quite a bit of Dexter, as there was one main villain, Kilgrave, for the whole season allowing the plot to really develop. Similar to Dexter as well good prevails in the end… well I’ll let you decide if it’s truly good that wins out ;-)

The next time you find yourself unable to get off the couch for an extended amount of time, not that I’m wishing this sickness on anyone… give Jessica Jones a go. Now that I’m feeling better its back to the educational shows I usually watch about history, cooking and other cultures.

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