5 Tips For The UP Builders Show and Upcoming Spring Building Season

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UP Builders Show - 5 Top Tips for Spring Building

Safety First

Marquette, MI – Warmer temperatures, melting snow and longer days give way to spring time, and the start of another building season here in the U.P.  The U.P. Builders Show kicks off tonight at the Superior Dome in Marquette and wraps up Sunday Evening.  If you’re planning to go, be sure to take a look at my 5 Tips to ensure your time there is a success.

1. Know what you want  –  The contractors and suppliers working on your next project work for you. Of course you want their professional opinion, skill and certainly want to stay within the building code and safety standards. But at the end of the day, they are there to make your dreams come true. Know what you want, and more importantly know what your willing to do to get it done. This might mean being flexible and extending a time line, or budgeting more money to make sure it’s just right. But, time and time again it will cost less to get it right the first time than have to re-do something. So be upfront about your goals and vision so everyone starts out on the same page.

2. Know your budget  –  This is a tough one. How much is all of this going to cost? The internet and app stores are full of calculators and simple building cost predictors. While these are okay to use for a rough idea, they won’t truly represent the cost of a project. This can only come from a discussion with builders and suppliers. First, you need to know what you want and then work the process with contractors, many of who will give free site visits and bid on your job. Plan an additional 20% for unforeseeable issues. Site visits are another great opportunity to get to know a contractor before you let them go to work for you.  (Remember tip number 1 on who works for who!)

3. Know your stuff  –  We live in the age of the internet, and many have grown to rely heavily on my good friend Dr. Google. Even in health care, patients are coming to appointments having done extensive research, some even cross the line into self diagnosis!  I don’t think Dr. Google is actually a Doctor.  But, in construction I feel it is wise to know what options are out there and the benefits of say two competing products (Foam vs spray insulation, natural wood vs manufactured beams, pex vs copper pipe…) Access to online reviews and a multitude of websites discussing products can prepare you for a discussion with a local contractor and equip you with enough knowledge to make sure you’re getting the best money can buy… Or at least not the worst.

4. Have Fun!  –  Rarely is something as exciting and satisfying as a new build. If new construction is in the works this year embrace the whirlwind you’re about to embark on and expect to get swept up with emotions, including a lot of stress. The memory of your new camp, barn, garage, or house being built will live on for years, so you want it to be a great memory. If you acknowledge that the process will be stressful and expect delays, you can prepared for this reality. Keeping this in mind and trying to balance it with a does of fun should help you combat against any negativity.

Smile, laugh, and try to keep your feet planted on the ground!

5. Get you hands dirty  –  If you’re a bit of a Do It Yourselfer, Great! Some contractors will allow you to help out and take part in certain areas of the construction process. This could be very rewarding and will ensure a good dose of YOU ends up in the finished build! If DIY is something that’s important to you, bring it up early in the process when talking with potential contractors to see if it fits into their plan.

Have fun at this years U.P. Builders Show and happy building!

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