Thanks for the FREE GAS Fox Motors!

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Free Gas from Fox Motors Team UP

Free Gas from Fox Motors Team UP

Marquette, MI – Fox Motors Team U.P. filled the gas tank on my Dodge Ram 1500 for Free today as a part of their customer appreciation. I was on E and almost fill it up this morning. Their Fox mascot was there helping out, pumping gas and even posed for a selfie!

Fox Motors was in Marquette Township at the New Ojibwa Express right next to Menards. It wasn’t my first time filling up at the Ojibwa Express because they have such a great location when you’re on the go.  But it was the first time I filled up there for FREE!

I’m at the end of a 2 year lease on my Dodge from Fox of Negaunee.  It’s almost time to trade it in on a new one, I was actually talking with “Smart Car” this morning about different options.  The truck has been great and what a cool way to finish my lease up with a free tank of gas from Fox.

Marty from Fox Marquette chatted about the event and eluded that Fox Team UP might be doing more customer appreciation evens soon!

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle be sure to check out Fox Motors Team UP

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