From none, to fuzz, to beard, Beard, BEARD!

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What a Little Cutie!

What a Little Cutie!

Marquette, MI – In the cold evenings, of the long winter, I’ve sat with my son Rowan. In front of a roaring fire on massive animal pelts, I’ve stroked my beard and told the tales of it’s power and strength. On the very coldest nights, I’ve even disclosed the darkest times in my life, back before I possessed the beard.  Well, I think my boy’s got it right, and he’s already anticipating the day when his beard will come in. ;-)

All joking aside. I’ve had a beard for years and love it, but I understand it’s not for everyone.

I’ve studied how the opinion of facial hair has gone from being revered to seeing disdain. It’s so interesting how opinions on beards have shifted throughout the years and I often wonder why these changes have taken shape. Was the beards fall from fame the work of beardless men, unable to grow a manly mane? Or influenced by those who had a magnificent beard and wanted all of the glory to them self? Maybe for power or money? Check out this Infographic for some fun facts and let me know your thoughts, this is just hilarious to me too.

As a new Father, (Rowan is almost 3 months old as I post this), I feel protective of my sons future facial fur.  So here, and now, on this day, I vow to never require him to shave.  That being said, I’m a reasonable man and will never pressure him to grow his beard either.

I stand firm, that the choice to be bearded or beardless in solely that of the man.

Good for you if you’ve grown it out – Nice work if you shaved this morning.  Only time will tell if Rowan joins me, and I’ll love dearly either way.

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