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Season Cast Iron Pan Skillet Griddle Mothers Day Present

Cast Iron and Whipped Cream on Mom’s Coffee

Marquette, MI – Mothers day was this past weekend and Rowan (Our 5 month old Son) wanted to get his Mom a few cast iron pans to celebrate.  What a thoughtful little boy ;-)  I found the vintage cast iron skillet used on eBay.  It was is really good shape but had been stripped down to the raw iron.

I’ve always been intrigued with the seasoning process while also a little intimidated by all of the horror stories of ruining pans.  I was talking with Nancy in the studio and she also loves cast iron. She turned me on the Ultimate Seasoning method!  Well, I guess time will truly tell, but so far so good.

The 10 inch griddle with a short lip was my eBay score while the 12 inch skillet is a new Lodge pan.  It came pre-seasoned, but we still ran it though seasoning and even did all of our other pans as well.

The trick – Flax Seed Oil, also know as Linseed.  Now I’ve known about the health benefits of this great oil and have used it for years on salads, in oatmeal, smoothies and on the dogs food.  With almost 6 times the omega 3 fatty goodness of a vegetable oil, it’s got it going on.  I’ve read a few different opinions on how seasoning technically works, but all agree that the oil is polymerized when heated and in contact with iron.  That’s what creates the great non stick surface on well seasoned cast iron.

While the process took a little over a day to complete, it was totally worth it.  Plus, Mom got to know her new pans a little before putting them to work.  We did modified the instructions by using a silicon basting brush instead of paper towels and tongues to apply the oil.

For all of the specifics check out the article in Cooks Illustrated and  I’d be happy to talk you through the process if you have any questions, just leave a comment below.

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