You Can’t Burst My Bubble On This Sunny Day

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Big Bubble Gum Bubble

That’s One Huge Bubble!

Marquette, MI – Hi, my name is Luke and I’m addicted to chewing gum.  Yes, I’m currently chewing gum…  Not just one piece, oh no, just one won’t do, but TWO pieces of original Bubble Yum gum!

I usually chew mint gum, and stick (pun intended) with just my favorite flavor and brand.  But, with this weeks sun shine and nice weather I felt some original bubble gum was the way to go.  Not only does it have that unforgettable flavor but it’s so much fun to chew.  Two pieces was quite a mouth full and my jaw is feeling a little sore…  Does this count as a work related injury?

I tried to see how big of a bubble I could blow.  Of course I did, I mean, what else would you do with two pieces of original bubble gum in your mouth.

Let me know your favorite flavor or send me a pic of your biggest bubble!

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