My Dogs Teach a Lesson in Brotherly Love

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Arlo hold up his disabled brother, Forrest, giving him a chance at a Treat!

Arlo hold up his disabled brother, Forrest, giving him a chance at a Treat!

Marquette, MI – After yesterday, the first day of our Hardee’s St. Jude Radiothon on our Sister station 103-FXD I went home emotionally drained, but full of hope for these kids.  I worked the Morning shift on our Country station and was moved by the power of what the parents and patients shared, and by all of the listeners that called in, Partnering in Hope to find a cure for Childhood Cancer – Thank You So Much!

While my wife and I don’t have kids we have two dogs and are fostering a third.  We call them our fur-babies.  The fostered dog, Forrest has a spinal deformity and hops around with his back end.  He’s a poster child for hope, never letting his disability slow him down or hold him back in life.

Last night his big brother Arlo who’s about 85 lbs and a healthy, strong boy.  Held up his brother while the both begged for treats…. to my wife’s dismay.  Arlo didn’t grump at Forrest, or move and let his brother fall.  He held firm and strong, giving his little brother a shot at a treat.

It struck me, this is what the St. Jude Radiothon is all about.  Being there for one another, using our health, fortune and strength and using it to bless families going through the most difficult thing imaginable, losing a child.

Thank you to all who have helped give these families hope.  Cancer has touched all of our lives and St. Jude won’t rest until they find a cure for Childhood Cancer.

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