Heikinpaiva…The Songs, The Music, The Pasties!!! Learn more on the Workday Wind Down with Kris Kyro

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Kris Kyro and Suzanne Liszt moments before the Heikinpaiva parade started.

Marquette, MI –  January 30, 2018  –  As I mentioned yesterday I am a fan and participant in the annual Heikinpaiva festivities in the Copper Country! Every year am a part of the parade and like to write a song or poem to compliment whatever crazy get up I wear. This year my best friend from high school flew up from the south to join me in the merriment. We were Snow Queens, and here is the original song we serenaded the spectators with.


Snow Queens of Winter by Kris Kyro for Heikinpaiva 2018

We are the winter Snow Queens,

And here our Royal King,

We’re here to celebrate with you ,

The fact that we are Finns!

We eat our pannukukku,

We love a polar dive,

We know how to say SAUNA,

In blizzards, we DO drive!

We frolic in the forest,

It kind of is our thing,

And when the bear rolls over,

We LOVE to dance and SING!

( curtsy then polka)

Heikinpaiva, Heikinpaiva,  Celebrate the Finns!

Heikinpaiva, Heikinpaiva, Everybody wins!!

By the way, there are plenty of mid winter classes and events to come this week for Heikinpaiva. Be sure to check our calender to learn about the Family Fun Night this Friday!