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Walt Lindala has his eye on the door as a noise was heard

Marquette, Mi. -February 8,2018  –  Hi it’s Kris! Host of the Workday Wind Down working hard at the moment to let you peek into the studios and see what’s happening.

Did I ever tell you about the time I was doing a live broadcast at a baseball field with a colleague of mine who was a sports enthusiast and loved the game, loved the field and knew everything there is to know about baseball and every sport under the sun?

Yes that was a very long sentence but you’re supposed to be reading as fast as I’m writing. I’m writing fast because I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this….

We were doing a live broadcast from a famous field in Illinois and it was the morning of the game…As we were speaking some people rolled a huge green thing onto the field. I asked my sports nut/friend/ co-host if they were rolling out the grass. Rolling.Out……the grass.

I’m not proud.

When he stopped laughing and composed himself he very calmly and kindly told me it was turf…They were rolling out the turf.

I salute all professional sportscasters and invite you to listen  to our professionals at Great Lakes Radio when they call the games! Check out the Sunny.FM  website and make note of the Miners! The Negaunee Miners are taking on the Iron Mountain Mountaineers tonight!!

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