Natalie Decker and Kris Kyro on the Workday Wind Down

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Marquette, Mi. – Feb 12,2018

Natalie Decker joined me this afternoon for the Workday Wind Down and not only is a winner on the racetrack, she’s a pleasure to spend time with!

Natalie Decker Race Car Star

Natalie Decker in Her Office

She took fifth place in Daytona at the ARCO races over the weekend and earned the right to lead the cars onto the speedway with her extraordinary talents behind the wheel.

When Natalie Decker steps out of her world to take her place on the racetrack, she does so with style!

Suited up and ready to win she makes her way to her car. Doors open for her, teams of people tend to every detail, buckled up and strapped in she is ready to fly! This young lady from Eagle River Wisconsin not only flies, she soars!!

When Natalie Decker gets in her car, the world pays attention.

When I get into my car…wait wheres my car?

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