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Show Up Shopping On The Shopping Show and Whistle While The Workday Wind Down Winds Up at 3 With Kris Kyro


Marquette, Mich.  February 28,2018  – Major Discount and Colonel Lindala host the Shopping Show every Wednesday from 9-11 in the morning. I wanted to see what happens behind the scenes while I listened on air and I can tell you it’s as entertaining as it sounds.

Major Discount and Colonel Lindala every Wednesday from 9-11 on the Shopping Show.

Guests show up and share the sacred studio grounds while the strong and the brave staff enjoy the deliciously rugged coffee grounds. ( I love strong coffee and am not afraid to say sometimes it’s best when a fork and knife are required)

Todd and Walt have a good sense of humor and as radio goes, the unexpected is always to be expected. You never know what’s going to happen and that is half the fun. The other three quarters of the show are filled with savings. Yes I realize one half plus three fourth don’t add up to one and that’s my point. You get more than you bargained for with everything on the Shopping Show. More savings, more money in your pocket, more laughs and more everything!! Not only that but even if you miss the Shopping Show you can still save when you head to our SunnyFM website, click on U.P. bargains.com and go to town….without going to town!

Is this crazy good or what?!!! I knooooooow!!!

You know what else is crazy good? The Workday Wind Down on Sunny FM from 3-7 every weekday. Join me so I don’t have to call you and ask where you are.


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