What Are You Doing? Kris Kyro on the Workday Wind Down 3-7

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Marquette, Mi.March 7, 2018


What are you doing right now? Take a moment and tune into the Shopping Show! It’s on every Wednesday from 9-11 in the morning and today is the perfect day to shop and save!

Remember you can always click on our Sunny FM site, look for U.P. Bargains.com and shop some more! The Shopping Show saves you money and time…especially when we’ve got weather that makes driving questionable at best!

As for the rest of the day, the rest of the weekend and beyond, there’s still more for you to check out and do!

It’s a builders show weekend,  Kathleen Madigan and comedy weekend,  sing out loud at the UP North Lodge weekend,  restaurant weekend and so much more! Find out everything by clicking on our website and going to the calendar!

While your shopping online and making your plans for today and the weekend, be sure to tune into the Workday Wind Down with Kris Kyro from 3-7.


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