Snow Bunnies vs. Sun Bunnies The Workday Wind Down with Kris Kyro

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The Official Station of Snow and Sun Bunnies Everywhere

Marquette, Mi.-March 8,2018

Snow bunnies love the chills and thrills of winter. Ski hills that offer diamond crusted glittering slopes… reflecting the evening sun. Pancake size snowflakes that waft slowly through the air to land gently on a blanket of white…adding another layer of softness to a barren landscape.

Snow bunnies love frosted pine cones that decorate the trees of the forest, catching the eye of bluejays passing by….

Sun bunnies are freezing right now waiting for the first real taste of spring. Sun bunnies are not speaking right now because it’s too cold.Sun bunnies are so cold they’re losing their hare. Sun bunnies are not waxing poetic about the beauty of winter.

There is only one thing that the two groups agree on.

Sunny FM.

Great music. All the time. Offering the background to everything you love..or at least put up with until your season arrives.

Have a great day and tune into the Workday Wind Down from 3-7 with Kris Kyro. Bring the Coppertone.

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