March Madhatterness, No Wait…..March Madness and The Workday Wind Down with Kris Kyro

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Marquette, Mi.March 12, 2018

Adam Carpenter

I’ll tell you what’s madness! Me playing basketball, or any sport for that matter. I always wanted to be an athlete but found out all too soon the real athletes wanted me to keep the bench warm while they wowed spectators. That didn’t stop me from being part of the action! I was the worst… playing with the best of them and it didn’t matter! I was part of the team! I wore the Panthers uniform with pride and just got out there! I tripped on layups, I threw the basketball with gusto and broke team mates fingers,(I didn’t mean too!) and I made points for opposing teams because I got so nervous I forgot what side of the court we were on! I didn’t matter! It still doesn’t! I did it!

Having said that, you might be amused to find out that I am going to take part in picking teams for the 2018 NCAA tournament. Adam Carpenter, host of the Out Door Show on our sister station WFXD 103.3 FM suggested it would be a fun thing to do. I am all for fun so I said yes.Adam gave me my official NCAA tournament bracket with the participating teams and my pen is ready. I once again am part of the wacky and wonderful world of basketball and the best part is I won’t actually be subjected to the hoots, howls, and laughter from the stands or sidelines. (Yeh thanks a lot coach…no hard feelings)

First round picks are March 15 and March 16. Let’s DO this.

On a side note, your first pick for radio stations should be Great Lakes Radio. I’ll be hosting the Workday Wind Down again today and every day from 3-7 on Sunny FM.

There will be a lot of hot air, but never an air ball.

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