Negaunee Miners (42) vs Roscommon Bucks (17) 9-2-2011

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Marquette, Michigan 9/2/2011

Negaunee Miners vs. Roscommon Bucks

In the first quarter of tonight’s game from the Superior Dome in Marquette the Miners and the Bucks battled their way through during a very quick first quarter. The Miners scored their first touchdown, and Negaunee leads at 3:45 7-0 in the first quarter.

Roscommon trails 14-0 with 4 minutes left in the second quarter. The Miners had a great surge with their defense in the second quarter.

At halftime the Miners lead the Bucks 14-3.

This is the first time the Miners and the Bucks have met since 1999!

Wrapping up the third quarter the Miners lead the Bucks 28-3.

In the fourth quarter at 8:20 left to go, the Miners continue to lead the Bucks 28-3. The Miners continue to hold the lead over the Bucks in the fourth quarter of the game at 42-17.

The Negaunee Miners defeat the Rosommon Bucks 42-17 on Friday, September 2nd.

Be sure to join Mark Evans and Greg Nelson as the Negaunee Miners take on the Gladstone Braves on Friday, September 9th only on Sunny 101.9 WKQS!

CLICK HERE to listen to the game.

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