12/11/2017- Negaunee Miners Hockey Team Was Defeated by the Kingsford Flivvers (10-2) on Sunny.FM 101.9

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Second quarter action for the Negaunee Miners Hockey VS Kingsford Flivvers game.

Negaunee, Michigan12/11/2017– The Negaunee Miners Hockey took on the Kingsford Flivvers this Monday night in Negaunee. Tyler Young and Ryan Ranguette brought you all of the in-game action on Sunny.FM.

The Miners came into this game looking to take their second win of the season but sadly took the loss with a final score of 10-2. Dante Fortner scored the most for the Flivvers with 3 goals, followed by Nick Murnich with 2 goals. Jack Mattias scored the most for the Miners with 2 goals. Nolan Corwin, goalie, was the big story of the game for the Miners as he had 47 saves out of the 57 shots taken by the Flivvers. The Miners had a total of 17 shots for the game. The Miners are now 0-11 for the season. Join Tyler Young for all of your Negaunee Miner Hockey action on Sunny.FM. GO MINERS!

Negaunee Miners- 2
Kingsford Flivvers- 10

LISTEN LIVE- Negaunee Hockey was defeated by the Kingsford Flivvers 10-2 on Sunny.FM