Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball takes a loss to the Iron Mountain Mountaineers (71-40) on Sunny FM

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Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball VS Iron Mountain Mountaineers on Sunny FM

Miner, Keegan Erva, has the ball.

Iron Mountain, Michigan02/27/2018 –  The Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball team traveled to Iron Mountain to take on the Mountaineers this Tuesday night for their last game in the regular season. The Miners were 8-11 coming into this game as they went up against the Mountaineers 18-1 record (Iron Mountain coming off of a loss). Jesse Anderson brought you all of the action in this game on Sunny FM.

The Mountaineers won the tip-off to start the game. The first half of the game was a little slow going for the Miners. They had a couple of turnovers and Iron Mountain scored 10 points before Jacob Ennett scored the first two points for Negaunee. Jesse had mentioned that there was too many wide open shots for the Mountaineers all over the court. Jason Waterman scored the next four points for the Miners with his three pointer and 1/2 free-throws. 18-6 was the score at the end of the first. Jakson Sager scored the first two points and the only two points for the Miners in the second quarter. Coach Waterman changed up his starting five, out of frustration, as he hoped that fresh players would have better results. At the end of the second quarter, the score was 36-8 as the Miners trailed by a landslide against he Mountaineers.

Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball VS Iron Mountain Mountaineers on Sunny FM

Jason Waterman takes a shot for Negaunee.

Negaunee had possession to start off the second half of the game. Jason Waterman scored the first two points in the second half of the game. During this third quarter of play, the Miners really put more effort into the game. Jason Waterman led the Miners in scoring and brought them back into the game. Jakson Sager did a great job with his defense for the Miners as well. At the end of the third quarter the Miners trailed the Mountaineers 48-24. Negaunee kept up the pace out of the third quarter but it was a little too late as the Mountaineers held a strong lead over the Miners. Jake Hill scored his five points in the fourth quarter for the Miners. After a rough game, the Miners took a loss 71-40. Coach had said that over the course of the season the Miners had really did a great job improving but now that Districts are here, he wants them to have a little more drive to play the game harder as he knows they can.

Negaunee Miners- 40
Iron Mountain Mountaineers- 71

STATS: Jason Waterman led the scoring for the Miners with 19 points and 2 rebounds. Jake Hill followed after him with 5 points, 1 rebound. Scoring 4 points was Jacob Ennett (1 rebound) and Jakson Sager (2 rebounds, 1 assist). All scoring 2 points was Theo Kumpula, Alex DuPont, Luke Skewis, and Luke Mattson (1 rebound, 1 assist). Drew Lindberg had 4 rebounds on the night. Drew DuShane scored 3 rebounds and to round off the scoring, Keegan Erva had 1 assist.

LISTEN LIVE- Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball took a loss to the Iron Mountain Mountaineers on Sunny FM

** The next Miners game will be tomorrow as the Girls play their first game in the District Season. The Girls travel to Westwood to take on the Patriots. This will be an amazing game to go see or listen to! The last time these two teams played the Miners won but only by two points. The pre-game is around 5:30pm as the tip-off is at 6pm. Tune in with Brady and Jesse as they bring you all of the action on Sunny FM. GO MINERS!

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