Safe Driving Pays Off With a New Career

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Who is that person behind the keyboard?

Marquette, Michigan – (October 23, 2013)

So the other night, as I was driving home, I heard an ad on for a writing position. Hey, I’m a writer! Before the ad finished I had my car pulled over on the side of the road, cell phone at the ready. “Text your interest to 361-DEAL.” Hunh. That’s… different.  I texted Major Discount and soon after had a job interview set up entirely by text.

Hi, I’m Nancy, a native Yooper and a graduate of Ishpeming High School. Let’s Go, Big Blue! I’m a single mom with two beautiful daughters and I’m also a writer. I was just hired at Great Lakes Radio to do some writing for them, all because I’m a safe driver.

Since the application process was a bit unorthodox, I was a little freaked out about the interview. I made it to the station 15 minutes early and sat waiting nervously in the lobby. Finally meeting Major Discount and his Bargain Grin helped relieve my anxiety. Todd P. and Luke also took part in the interview process. Now, these guys are hilarious and had me laughing throughout the hour-long meeting even as they ripped apart my writing samples. I toured the studio, saw Elmer Aho’s Country Gold records and where Mike and Walt do the morning show, and I even got to see the (Batman-inspired) Super Secret Computer Cave. There weren’t any bats that I could see.

This has definitely been the strangest start I’ve ever had to a new job, but I’m really excited to be here and looking forward to whatever weirdness lies ahead.

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