Good News For Travelers North of US41 From Marquette To Ishpeming

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Parts are Parts for AT&Ts install and upgrade in Marquette

Parts are Parts for AT&Ts install and upgrade in Marquette

MarquetteJanuary 11, 2013 – AT&T has arrived in the very dead of winter to upgrade their cellular services for travelers and home owners that live North of US41. This upgrade will positively affect AT&T cell users North of US41 from Marquette to Negaunee to Ishpeming and townships north to Big Bay.

AT&T is upgrading their 510 cell tower site. A crew from the South shivered when they arrived to an un-plowed road, 510 to Big Bay. Steve MaxWell, the crew leader said, “What the – – – – this road isn’t even plowed.” “How in the – – – – – – – – am I going to back this 7,000 pound trailer all the —- —- way up into this site! What the —-?”

These tower crews, like a lot of the guys that work at Empire Mine, use rather colorful language which doesn’t include a lot of verbs, nouns and subjects, and is rather limited to a few select superlatives.

But you know, snow fall on the weekend and un-plowed roads, that’s how it is in Marquette County. When it snows 6 to 8 inches on a Friday night nobody gets too concerned. We just travel as normal and someday soon plow crews will clean it up.

AT&T locates their North of US41 cell services on the Great Lakes Radio large beefy 700′ tower off 510 which provides incredible RADIO and CELL service to the Upper Peninsula because of it’s height. WFXD is on this tower and because of the 700′ height it goes some 200miles. WKQS, WRUP, WKPK, and WSHN all are located here as well.

The Great Lakes Radio tower team of Todd & Luke Noordyk and Paul & Chad Racine made it possible for AT&T to get into this site in the northwoods Saturday after a significant snowfall Friday evening. The tower site is about a half mile back off the road on the highest point North of Marquette where you can still get power to run large transmitters. The only hill higher is Mt Arvon toward Big Bay. But there is no power available there to run Radio transmitters.

AT&T is installing 8′ powered antennas in fiberglass bays that are mounted on galvanized steel triangle on the tower at 433′. Homeowners and travelers will appreciate the new upgrade from 1G and 2G to 3G and 4G.

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