Non-Newtonian Dubstep: A Fun Monday Science Experiment

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It’s called oobleck: a non-Newtonian fluid that you can make at home.  It acts like a liquid when poured, but apply a little bit of force to it, and it’ll turn into a solid substance:

To make your own oobleck you’ll need one cup of water, two cups of corn starch, and some food coloring.  Mix it up in a bowl and that’s it.  You can play with it like putty, or find a subwoofer and make it dance!  Be careful though: oobleck can be messy!

Bonus fact: you can even walk on “water!”

Got any other fun home science experiments?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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Graphic Designer/Sales Support at Great Lakes Radio, Inc
Jen is an artist by day, writer by night! She earned a degree in art from NMU and came to build websites for Great Lakes Radio in January of 2014. She's an avid reader, writer, gamer, and part time super hero. In her spare time she dyes her hair strange colors and collects action figures.



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