AdvantEDGE Training Presents New Strength Training Program In Marquette, MI

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Dana Skytta and Dan Grille

Dan Grille, Manager at AdvantEDGE Training, and Dana Skytta, Strength Coach, were in the studio today to talk about AdvantEDGE Training and about the new AdvantEDGE Strong Club.

AdvantEDGE Training has moved into what was a vehicle garage. AdvantEDGE Training has  converted this garage  into a strength and conditioning center.  The purpose of this particular gym is to increase strength and conditioning with a focus on a total body workout, and a lot of variety in exercises and activities.

The gym has free-weights, and several different exercises, some you may never have considered before, that are designed to increase muscle-power and conditioning, and to have fun while doing it.

In the AdvantEDGESTRONG Club, you work with a professional strength coach.  This coach works with you on technique, progress, and conditioning.   The Club meets Monday through Thursday at 6:00pm, and on Saturday morning at 10:0oam.  The workouts are always different and always fun.

LISTEN – Check out the interview with Dana and Dan.

Go to or call 273-1451 for more information.

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