Bears Take Over NMU Forest Roberts Theater In Marquette, MI

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“Bears” playwright Mark Rigney and cast member Adam Lowe.

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)  – The latest production at the Forest Roberts Theater on the campus of Northern Michigan University is a clever production entitled, “Bears”.

The play is the 2012 Panowski Playwriting Competition winner and this production will be its world premiere.

Playwright Mark Rigney and cast member Adam Lowe joined The SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike today to talk about the show and it’s run.

Lowe discussed his role in the play, Growl Bear.  According to Lowe, the story is based in a world where human society is almost nonexistent. Growl Bear and Timmy Bear are living peacefully in their zoo exhibit until a new, independent, and wild bear named Susie arrives at their enclosure and turns their world upside down.

According to playwright Rigney, Susie convinces them to leave the safety of the zoo, and go out into the strange new wilderness. There, Growl, Timmy, and Susie have to discover who they are, how to survive the wild (and each other), and find within themselves what it truly means to be a Bear.

LISTEN – Playwright Mark Rigney and actor Adam Lowe discuss “Bears”.

VISIT – NMU Forest Roberts Theater website.

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