State Representative John Kivela Discusses His Anti-meth Legislation

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109th Dist. State Rep. John Kivela (D-Marquette)

109th Dist. State Rep. John Kivela (D-Marquette)

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – 109th District State Representative John Kivela called in recently to the SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike to talk about his proposed legislation intended to eliminate meth production in Michigan.

The Marquette Democrat talked about the detail of the proposal, which is seeking to make possession of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, which is currently available over the counter,  illegal without a prescription from a medical doctor.

Kivela explained that ephedrine is the key ingredient in the manufacture of methamphetamine and other states that have adopted similar laws have seen drastic drops in the illegal meth issue.

When asked about what people who currently use the drug properly and legally with effective results, who may not have access to doctors or medical care, would need to do if the proposal becomes law, Kivela said that is an unfortunate side of the current system and it would need to be addressed through amendments to the original legislation.

Kivela admitted that his legislation may not make it into law, and if it does, it will be considerably worked over via the legislative process.  He said that he is not bothered by that prospect because he is entering the bill to get the conversation moving on taking on the meth problem in Michigan.

LISTEN – State Rep. John Kivela on his anti-meth legislation.

VISIT – Representative Kivela’s website.

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