State Senator Tom Casperson Discusses Wolf Hunting Legislation

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Michigan State Senator

Senator Tom Casperson

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) –  The battle continues in Lansing over wolves in the U.P.  First, the legislature approved a measure allowing the Natural Resources Commission to schedule a wolf hunting season, which was followed by a petition drive pushed by an advocacy coalition that wants to block any wolf hunt.

Now,  a bill offered up by State Senator Tom Casperson of Escanaba, is before the State Senate this week to allow the NRC to decide which animals are game animals, and also to spend one million dollars on game and fish management.

The rub is that laws that include an appropriation, under the Michigan Constitution, cannot be overturned by voters and critics are blasting the measure as a block of the attempt to put the matter on the ballot.

Senator Casperson called in today to The SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike to talk about his legislation and what he is hoping to accomplish by the  various measures.

Casperson also talked about his motivation behind introducing the legislation.

LISTEN IN – State Senator Tom Casperson on wolf hunting legislation.

VISIT – Senator Casperson’s website.

One Response to State Senator Tom Casperson Discusses Wolf Hunting Legislation

  1. Regardless of your political, economic, or ethical views on the hunting of wolves, every resident of MI should be deeply concerned when a politician attempts to take-away your voting rights to decide on how state resources will be used (as SB 288 will). If you allow this to happen, you will undoubtedly find yourself on the losing end of issues that you have no say in.

    Casperson is a remarkably dangerous politician who is willing to take away your fundamental rights to pass his legislation.

    Bradley Cardinale
    May 2, 2013 at 7:42 am

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