New Group Calling For Scientific And Practical Approach To Wolf Hunt In Michigan

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Adam Robarge of Wild Land Guardians.

Adam Robarge of Wild Land Guardians.

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – As House Republicans in Lansing move ahead with an expected vote on a set of hunting bills today, the controversy over the issue of which animals can be hunted in Michigan continues.

Adam Robarge, founder of the group, “Wild Land Guardians”, joined The SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike this week to discuss his thoughts on the matter.

Robarge recently engaged in lengthy discussions with the author of the controversial Senate bills which opponents say would limit voters’ ability to have a say in the declaration of a game species in Michigan.

Robarge talked about his meeting with State Senator Tom Casperson of Escanaba.  He says the bills give the Natural Resources Commission the authority to name animals as game species, an authority which currently resides with the state legislature.

Robarge says the main problem is that since the NRC is a regulatory body, its decisions cannot be overturned by public referendum.

The other issue, according to Robarge, is that emotion is dictating too much of the specific discussion of a wolf hunt in Michigan and that needs to be replaced with a science-based practical approach to the final decision.

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