MGH CEO Gary Muller Discusses Plan To Build New Hospital

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MGH CEO Gary Muller

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Marquette General Hospital and Duke LifePoint Healthcare have announced plans to construct a new hospital replacing the current facility on College Avenue in Marquette.

MGH CEO Gary Muller joined GLR News Director Walt Lindala for an exclusive full-length discussion of the plan today.

Muller says many details need to be worked out, but the decision has been made to proceed with building a new hospital.

He added that building a new facility is a better choice to allow for future expansion and technological advances.

The expansion and renovation of the current hospital has been estimated at about $230 million over several years while constructing a new hospital and physician building is estimated to cost approximately $290 million.

Muller said it will take approximately three years to plan, design and construct the new facility. Along with the planned 265-bed hospital, MGH will construct an adjoining 168,000-square-foot physician office building.

A location for the facility is yet to be determined and additional details of the new hospital will be announced as plans are finalized.

LISTEN IN – MGH CEO Gary Muller discusses the plan to build a new facility and a physician’s office building.



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