FOX Negaunee Splits Up For Dome Sale

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Bob Hanson & Geoff Flint from FOX Negaunee.

Bob Hanson & Geoff Flint from FOX Negaunee.

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio) – FOX Negaunee crews are going their separate ways this weekend to better serve the car-buying public.

The dealership has delivered their Chrysler line of vehicles, including RAM Trucks to the Superior Dome in Marquette for the annual New Car Dome Sale.

During today’s FOX Negaunee update on the SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike, FOX GM Bob Hanson explained, however, that since they are barred from bringing their General Motors lines to the dome, they will have those vehicles in full force at the All-American Corner back in Negaunee.

FOX’s Geoff Flint also said that if customers take the time and check the Dome and the dealership, they’ll make their best deal by shopping with FOX Motors.

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