Election Results For Wednesday, 5/6/15

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Election Day.

Election Day.

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Michigan voters gave a resounding “no” to Proposal 1 yesterday. The measure to increase the sales tax a penny was designed to help raise $1.2 billion for roads. Nearly 80-percent of voters across the state voted “no” compared to just over 20 percent that said “yes”. Experts say the message to come out of Prop 1’s defeat is that voters want the Michigan legislature to get back to work and come up with a solution to fix the roads.

In ballot measures closer to home,


Ishpeming Township Fire Millage Renewal
YES 529
NO 241

Powell Township Millage Renewal for Garbage Collection and Related Services
YES 191
NO 66

Richmond Township Road Millage Renewal
YES 114
NO 67


Au Train Township Operations Funding Request
YES 107
NO 201

Rock River Township Road Funding Request
YES 146
NO 172


Gladstone City Commission

Joe Thompson 655
Steven Viau 600
Hugo Mattonen 367
Joseph Maki 339

Gladstone Mayoral Advisory Vote

Jay Bostwick 337
Dave Nemacheck 199
Matthew Gay 194
Joseph Maki 168
Hugo Mattonen 125


County-wide Millage Renewal for Library Services
YES 1,095
NO 778

Seney Township Operations Millage
NO 24
YES 21


County-wide Library Funding Millage Proposal
YES 698
NO 1054

Covington Township Recreation Funding Proposal
YES 96
NO 48

Covington Township Fire and Ambulance Proposal
YES 116
NO 28


Calumet Township Fire Department Millage Renewal
YES 448
NO 178

Calumet Township Road Millage Renewal
YES 410
NO 215

Portage Township School District Operating Millage Renewal
YES 935
NO 238

Schoolcraft Township
Village of Lake Linden Heavy Equipment Millage
YES 115
NO 57

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