U.S. Senator Gary Peters Discusses Net Neutrality And Marinette Marine

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U.S. Senator Gary Peters

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – U.S. Senator Gary Peters joined the Sunny Morning Show this week to share a quick legislative update.

Peters talked about a push that is underway in the Senate to call for a vote on the issue of net neutrality.

He said the issue is being addressed by the Federal Communications Commission and the direction they are moving in would give large telecommunications companies the advantage over smaller internet service providers when it comes to internet access and speed.

Peters says he hopes a vote will be called on the Senate floor within the next week.

He also talked about ongoing U.S. Navy ship production ongoing at Marinette Marine, just over the border from Menominee, MI.

Peters recently paid a visit to the shipyard and shared his thoughts on the stop.


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