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Senator Tom Casperson Discusses Planned U.P. Prison Closure

State Senator Tom Casperson (R) Escanaba

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – State Senator Tom Casperson called in today to the Sunny Morning Show to talk about the recently announced plans by the Michigan Department of Corrections to close down a prison facility in the western U.P.

Casperson said he is not in favor of the proposal to close the Ojibway Correctional Facility in Marenisco in Gogebic County on December 1st.

He cited several reasons for why he thinks it’s a short-sighted plan by the MDOC and encouraged residents that will be affected by the closure to keep the pressure on state officials to try to have it reversed.

Casperson did admit, however, that getting the decision to change will be an uphill battle, and he said he is also working with community leaders in Gogebic County with helping to find options for economic assistance and development to help absorb the financial impact of the closure.


LISTEN IN – State Senator Tom Casperson reacts to the planned closure of the Ojibway Correctional Facility in Marenisco.

VISIT – Senator Casperson’s website.


  1. This closure is just another example of the State of Michigan putting money before safety of prison staff and the public. The standards of behavior of prisoners has become less and less important to the DOC, resulting in early release of far more dangerous criminals than ever. Its a game that has been played before and historically resulted in the deaths, or injury of staff or someone in the public. Less space for increasingly violent people spells eventual disaster. There is little to no deterrent effect in going to prison anymore. Short sentences and numerous privileges that rewire very little effort to receive, makes a mockery of our system.


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