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Marquette Chamber Of Commerce Update

Cara Monks in the Sunny Studio.

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – The Marquette Chamber of Commerce is nearing a milestone with their “Be Local, Buy Local” campaign that encourages shopping locally in Marquette County.

Chamber Board Member Cara Monks joined the Sunny Morning Show today to share a Chamber Update and talk about this and other items.

Monks said that the Chamber is expecting to log the 1,000,000th dollar in locals sales in the campaign.

She added this is a major success for the program, which has been running in Marquette County for about three years, and is available to use via a smartphone app and can also be accessed by contacting the Chamber.

Monks also talked about events and activities that are coming up that are all available to check out on the site, Marquette365.com.


LISTEN IN – Cara Monks with a Marquette Chamber of Commerce update.

VISIT – The Marquette Chamber of Commerce website.



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