Fall Season Fun – In The Cemetery?

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Holden & Titan at the Cemetery

Holden & Titan at the Cemetery

Negaunee, MichiganOctober 8, 2018 – Yes, you read that title right. Fall Season Fun In The Cemetery! My kid and nephew are weird. They like weird things, but I suppose if we’re to get to the nitty gritty of it, so do my mom and I. think scary movies, Stephen King novels, creepy things, etc. So it was no surprise that they enjoy looking at old headstones in the cemetery.

Yesterday (Oct. 7) was my mother’s birthday. She and I, along with my son and nephew, decided to go out to lunch and take a fall color drive around Marquette. We grabbed some delicious food, went down to Black Rocks to look for beach glass and see the colors along Presque Isle, and took the long way home back to Negaunee. However, our detour ended up taking us past the Negaunee Cemetery.

Being as Halloween is just a few weeks away, the boys are into all things scary right now, so taking a stop at the cemetery seemed like a good idea. So we did.

They were interested in the older headstones, asking what each one said, curious about death, interested in who these people had been in life. It was fascinating to them that underneath the ground were the remains of people who had once lived life, just like them. It was actually a great lesson for them. Morbid, but a great lesson nonetheless. They’re only 7 and 4 years old, and my mom and I explained to them as best we could in language they understood. It was incredible to watch them comprehend.

So yes, it was weird. It was a tad creepy. But it was also an interesting experience. Kids understand much more than we realize, and it’s important that we recognize that and cater to their “knowledge needs.” What a day.

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