Kelsey’s Yoga Journey: Week 1 – “40 Days to Personal Revolution”

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Kelsey in Eagle Pose - The Sunny Morning Show

Kelsey in “Eagle Pose” – The Sunny Morning Show

Negaunee, MichiganOctober 11, 2018 – Okay, I did it – Week 1 of “40 Days to Personal Revolution” is finished, and I’ve officially begun Week 2! In my last post I explained that I’m currently embarking on a “Yoga Journey” at the local yoga studio, Honor Yoga, that I attend. Our instructor is Lori Jokinen (she’s amazing). The guide we are using is Baron Baptiste’s book “40 Days to Personal Revolution.” It’s a doozy!

Baptiste gives aspiring (or long-time) yogis the tools to transform your life by following 12 Laws, changing up your diet, and daily yoga, meditation, and personal inquiry (writing in a journal/diary). It’s pretty intense, and requires dedication. It’s definitely changing up my routine and life, which can be uncomfortable at times. But that’s the purpose of the program – to change your life, get out of your comfort zone(s), and experience living in a fresh, new way to lead a different lifestyle.

Baron Baptiste's "40 Days to Personal Revolution" Photo Credit: Baptiste Institute

Baron Baptiste’s “40 Days to Personal Revolution” Photo Credit: Baptiste Institute


Week One:

  1. Theme: Presence
  2. Law #1: Seek the Truth
  3. Law #2: Be Willing to Come Apart

My Intentions:

  1. Presence
  2. Reflection
  3. Dedication

Week 1 was so difficult! I have no issue with getting the reading done. It’s the diet overhaul and the commitment to doing yoga and meditation every day, as it can be so hard to find time. I’m learning that you just have to MAKE the time. The time is there. It’s your attitude towards tasks that matters and ultimately dictates what you do, how you do it, and when.

There are a couple of sections to read in the book that decide your tasks for the week. The laws, the yoga and mediation for the week, how to change up your diet, and journal questions you must answer for yourself are basically the line up for the week that you need to follow.

I’ll tell you what – I’m driving the struggle bus on this one. But I’m determined to get to my destination. Time will tell! I’ll blog about Week 2 next Thursday, October 18, so look for that next week!

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