Tanning for Men? Yes!

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Kelsey's Husband, Cody, at Sunny Daze Tanning

Kelsey’s Husband, Cody, at Sunny Daze Tanning

Marquette, MichiganNovember 20, 2018 – Yea, the picture quality isn’t the best. But I had to take it quickly, or he would’ve run away before I could take one!

I took my husband, Cody, to Sunny Daze Tanning in Marquette yesterday (Carrie, the owner, is WONDERFUL), because Cody and I are going on our honeymoon to Mexico in just 13 days!

We got married on August 5th last year, but we weren’t able to take a honeymoon until now because of time and finances. But we’re finally going, and we’re going to the Riviera Maya! I couldn’t be more excited!

Because I’m so pale (it’s that Finnish skin, guys!), and we’re going to be close to the equator, I needed to work up a base tan for my skin to slowly adapt. I’ve been going tanning at Sunny Daze for a couple of weeks, now, so I’m getting used to it. But Cody hadn’t gone at all.

He actually has some Mexican blood in him, so when he gets in the sun, he immediately gets tan, and the sun doesn’t bother his skin. BUT we are going to be very close to the equator….so, he needs to build up some kind of base!

He was already made fun of at work for smelling of tanning lotion – if you see him out and about, let him know how nice he looks tanned up and how good he smells!

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