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Snow Day got your kid bored? Try these activities!

Mr. Snowman, Holden & Titan's masterpiece in the front yard
Mr. Snowman, Holden & Titan’s masterpiece in the front yard

Negaunee, MichiganFebruary 8, 2019 – With so many snow days under our belts this year, you’d think we’d have the “what to do on a snow day” activities burned into our brains.

But if you’re running low on ideas  and all you can do is hide in the bathroom while simultaneously crying and eating chocolate, hoping someone comes  by with wine soon, don’t worry parents, I have your back!

Here are a few things you can instruct the kiddos to do so they don’t continue to drive you insane:

  1. Create an indoor obstacle course (find random items around the house that could serve as good games or obstacles to encounter. Make up your own rules!)
  2. Make hot chocolate (recipe here)
  3. Bake cookies (best chocolate chip recipe here)
  4. Make Playdoh (recipe here)
  5. Play “don’t drop the marshmallow” (just like the egg and spoon game, but with a carpet-safe alternative)
  6. Holiday crafts
  7. Draw with dry erase markers on the windows (it comes right off with Windex!)
  8. Camp out in the living room (make popcorn and roast marshmallows on the stove, make a “fire” out of craft supplies, and use blankets/chairs for the “tent”)
  9. Board games & card games
  10. Science experiments
  11. Dance party
  12. Put on a show (make up some kind of play, dance, etc. and have them perform it – you film!)
  13. Build a snow fort or snowman
  14. Have a snowball fight (build trenches and walls, and stock up on ammo!)
  15. Have a snow angel contest (who can make the best one?)
  16. Shovel
  17. Snowshoe
  18. Frozen bubbles (regular bubbles will freeze if you blow them outside!)
  19. Scavenger hunt in the snow
  20. Paint the snow (put food coloring and water in a squeeze bottle, and let the kids go to town!)
  21. Have them help make dinner
  22. Build a Lego City
  23. Make vision boards (find a bunch of magazines and have them cut out things that they like and glue onto a poster board or piece of construction paper)
  24. Movie day (go all out – candy, popcorn, pop, set it up like a movie theater! Give them “money” to “purchase” the treats they’d like, have them sit in special spots, and pick a movie or two that you can all enjoy together)
  25. Book Club (Giving credit where credit is due- this is something my mom used to do for my sisters and I when we were little. Depending on age, each child reads a book to you, you read a book to them, and you do some kind of reading activity, like a game. Then, they get a prize out of the treasure box! It can be a trinket, a promise of something at the next shopping trip, a sweet treat, etc.)

Hang in there, parents – the end is near!

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