Kelsey Started the Keto Diet, and It’s Hard.

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Keto Diet Options, The Sunny Morning Show

Keto Diet Options, The Sunny Morning Show

Negaunee, MichiganMarch 21, 2019 – I recently started the Keto Diet (okay, recently being Monday morning), and it’s hard. I mean, super difficult.

But I am pushing through, and giving it a shot! I’ve heard great things about it (and a little negative, too, because let’s face it, everyone has an opinion). I’ve been wanting to get back in shape and eat healthier for a while now, but never had the motivation. I still struggle with that, but It’s been going well (KNOCK ON WOOD) so far.

What is helping me out majorly this time and preventing early disappointment and failure is the fact that my family is attempting this diet with me! Trying to adhere to a diet while the several other people in your home are not is incredibly difficult, so getting them on board was huge for me.

My husband, my mom, my dad, and myself are on this Keto journey together! If you’re unfamiliar with the Keto diet, it is essentially a very low carb, high protein, high *good* fat diet that results in your body going into ketosis, hence the name Keto Diet. When your body is not in ketosis, it uses the carbohydrates you ingest as energy and fuel. When it is in ketosis, it uses the good fats and protein you ingest as fuel, and burns your existing *bad* fat, hence the name Keto Diet.

I’ll update you on my journey as I go along, and once I’ve started to show some physical progress, I’ll post some pictures, too!

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