Helicopter Ambulance Service at Marquette General Hospital Moves Closer to Reality

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By: Jim Parks
7/2/14 – Marquette, MI

The attendees at MGH's Public Forum

The attendees at MGH’s Public Forum

Marquette General Hospital hosted a Public Forum Wednesday night to discuss the details of its new helicopter ambulance service… including the planned landing zone location and flight path. The forum was held in response to concerns raised by several area residents with homes in close proximity to the hospital.

Hospital and community members alike were hoping for a much larger turnout.

However, numerous interested

Ed Banos - CEO of Marquette General Hospital

Ed Banos – CEO of Marquette General Hospital

city residents were in attendance to express concerns and voice support for the new service. The initial location was going to be on the west side of the hospital’s campus, adjacent to the entrance to the Trauma Center and Emergency Department. The new location of the heliport will be a secure area in the South East corner of the Neldberg Building parking lot… at the corner of College Avenue and Hebard Court.

Marquette General CEO Ed Banos says, “While the initial recommended site location made sense, he believes MGH listened to the concerns of area homeowners and responded appropriately.”
Listen to Ed Banos talk about the project.

Scott Ruel at Marquette General Hospital

Scott Ruel came to show his support


By and large, forum attendees were supportive of the plan. Marquette Resident Scott Ruel believes the long-term benefits far out way any short-term inconvenience.
Listen to Scott Ruel’s opinion.






Dave Campana at Marquette General Hospital

Dave Campana at Marquette General Hospital

Marquette City Commissioner Dave Campana agreed.

Listen to Dave Campana

Banos says, “Not everyone will agree with the decisions that need to be made– but because Marquette General is the only designated Level II trauma center in the U.P., it’s important to make every effort to keep world-class, critical and emergent care treatment available in the U. P.” “Keeping and treating patients in the U.P. is good for families, patients, and the regional economy.”


If all of the appropriate approvals are obtained, the new helicopter ambulance service could be fully operational by late summer.


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