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Area Guitar Players!!! Now is the time to get yourself plugged in to a GREAT DEAL from Jim’s Music & UP  Bargains! We are offering a Steal of a Deal on this brand new Fender Deluxe VM amplifier with a foot pedal. Regularly priced at $1,079 – you can be playing your favorite or original songs through this for ONLY $499!

The Deluxe VM amplifier takes the sought-after Deluxe formula into a new era of Vintage Modified performance by combining a real tube amp with several essential effects. The 40-watt tube design provides a great tonal foundation; the versatile tube preamp offers a wide range of tone and gain settings, from world-standard Blackface Fender clean to aggressive overdrive with post-gain EQ. DSP effects include reverb, chorus/vibrato, and delay, with the convenience and adjustability of standard stomp boxes and without the need for extra cables or power supplies.

Fender Deluxe VM Amp w/ foot pedal

Stop by our Great Lakes Radio office, 3060 US 41 West in Marquette to see this amp – bring your guitar with you and try it out!!!

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