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Pick up trucks that are used for heavy duty work will undoubtedly get their bed beat up, scratched and take a pounding in the process. This wear and tear WAS inevitable but now can be avoided through the process of a spray on bed liner. You can avoid scratched paint, rust and deterioration of your  truck’s bed by adding this addition to your truck. South Side Automotive is offering a spray on bed liner on our Shopping Show for ONLY $289!

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The Apollo Bedliner is a spray-on Kevlar and epoxy based protective coating that can be used on any surface that is paintable. It is also one of the few bedliners that are covered by a lifetime customer warranty. Apollo Bedliners are flexible and strong, and they resist slipping, skidding, chemicals and day-to-day wear. When sprayed into the cargo bed of a truck, you get all this protection without sacrificing any cargo space.

The Apollo Bedliner offers a lifetime protection against corrosion and rust. It is easy to use and environmentally friendly. It can be used in hundreds of applications, from pickup trucks to the heaviest commercial vehicles.

If you want it protected, use the Apollo Bedliner to make it last a lifetime! Call Southside Automotive at 249-9219

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