Snyder Declares State of Energy Emergency in Michigan

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State of Michigan Governor

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Governor Rick Snyder has declared a State of Energy Emergency in Michigan due to limited availability and temporary shortages of gas and diesel fuel in areas of the U.P. caused by a shutdown of a pipeline in Wisconsin.

The West Shore Pipeline, located between Milwaukee and Green Bay, supplies gasoline and diesel fuel to service stations throughout the western and central U.P.  It was shut down after officials discovered a leak last week.

As a result, the transportation of petroleum products within Michigan has been affected as carriers have to go to alternate product terminals in Milwaukee and Madison, resulting in longer driving distances and difficulty meeting demands within state and federal hours-of-service regulations.

The Executive Order suspends state and federal regulations relating to hours-of-service for motor carriers and drivers transporting gas, diesel and jet fuel in order to meet the transportation needs of the affected areas.
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