Group Forming Against Republicans Who Voted for Fiscal Cliff Resolution

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Controversy over Fiscal Cliff voteMARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)One of the nation’s largest Tea Party groups is forming a grassroots coalition to identify and support primary challengers to GOP Members of Congress who voted in favor of this week’s fiscal cliff compromise in Washington.

Todd Cefaratti, founder of TheTeaParty.Net, says, “We expected Democrats to vote for the legislation, but we didn’t expect Republicans to do the same.”

The group says search committees are being formed to identify challengers to the Republicans who voted for the legislation.

First District Republican U.S. Representative Dan Benishek and fellow Michigan Republican Representatives Dave Camp, Fred Upton, Mike Rogers and Candice Miller joined all of Michigan’s Democrats in approving the bill. Only conservative Republicans Tim Walberg, Justin Amash and Bill Huizenga voted against it.

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